Modern Icons

An artfully curated selection of twelve pieces creates the Modern Icons collection from MATILDE Jewellery. Crafted from 100% recycled 14k gold and lab-grown conflict-free diamonds.

The inspiration behind Modern Icons

The deep emotional pull that nature and the elements have on our mind, body and soul is what has inspired the designs, names, and concept behind this new collection. It is intended to be a more sustainable, and beautiful way, to showcase your commitment to enduring style, and the urgent need to protect the world around us. 

Raw - Classic - Natural

The Process

Using clusters of diamonds, the collection boasts timeless and elegant designs, with a contemporary edge - created to last a lifetime. In celebration of the raw beauty of the elements they are made from, each unique design subtly draws on shapes from the natural world around us. Sweeping arcs, meandering contours and bold finishes create the pre-loved 14k gold settings that make heroines of the pear-shaped drop and classic solitaire conflict-free diamonds in each design.

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