Shop and save with our Midsummer Sets

Introducing Matilde Jewellery's Exclusive Midsummer Offer, featuring fine jewellery sets that have been specially curated to be worn together or individually, capturing the vibrant essence of Summer.

Introducing the Tróia Collection

The Tróia collection captures the essence of idyllic summers spent along Portugal's coastline. Immerse yourself in golden sunsets, seashells, and long walks on the sand.

Core Collection

The heart of every jewellery box.

Modern Icons

Featuring sweeping arcs, meandering contours and bold finishes.


A modern take on the classically masculine.

With Sustainability and Transparency, comes Fairness

From our two twin pillars of sustainable sourcing and transparent processing comes MATILDE’s mission to create fine jewellery fairly, without compromising on quality or design. From sketching out our first ideas to delivering our final pieces, our mission to create a sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional jewellery industry is at the heart of everything we do.

Core Collection

As Seen In

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