Core Collection

The Core Collection’s timeless, essential pieces sit at the heart of Matilde Jewellery. Created in homage to the natural world, this collection parallels the soft lines and beautiful imperfections found in each of nature’s masterpieces.

The inspiration behind the Core Collection

Crafted with nature in mind, the Core Collection by Matilde Jewellery draws its inspiration from the organic movements and changes all around us. The ease of a petal’s oblong shape or a tide’s soft loop is created using beautifully recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds that respect nature as much as reflect it. Inspired by the purity and comforting continuity of form across all of nature, from flowers and rocks to the tides and shallows, the Core Collection was created to embody just that. A uniquely timeless elegance which echoes the transcendent beauty of the natural world.

Soft - Thoughtful - Eternal

The Process

The Core Collection is created in honor of the stunning symmetry and unique imperfections resplendent in nature. Reflecting this, Matilde Jewellery uses the most transparent, sustainable and fair processes possible, so as each of our timeless pieces is inspired by nature so do they protect it. By using the highest quality of preloved 14k gold we stop more mines from having to be dug, and using lab grown diamonds is an equally beautiful environmentally-friendly conflict-free alternative. At every step of the design and creation process, the Core Collection embodies our founding principles of fairness to make our fine jewellery.

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