About the brand

At MATILDE we believe that beautiful jewellery should have a beautiful meaning. All of our fine jewellery is made positively, sustainably and ethically. Free from the environmentally and socially-harmful effects of the traditional jewellery industry, MATILDE is made to pass from generation to generation with the promise of timeless elegance and eternal values.
MATILDE’s Mission

Not all that sparkles is gold. MATILDE’s mission is to bring modern, 21st century values to the traditional jewellery industry. Uncompromising on quality, each of our stunning pieces is constructed using only the finest recycled 14ct gold and lab grown diamonds. By creating a sustainable alternative, MATILDE gives our clients the opportunity to wear beautiful jewellery with a matching sparkling history.

Brand Values


Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. From the materials we source to our artisan’s working conditions, MATILDE ensures that all of our products and partners uphold the same values, working together to create the finest sustainable jewellery.


Transparency is essential in making fine jewellery fair, enabling us to offer accessibly priced pieces without the usual markups. So whether it’s good news or bad news, you’ll hear it openly and honestly from us.


Fairness is our ultimate goal. With no shortcuts or easy routes, fairness is the sum of all of its parts; by championing sustainability and transparency, MATILDE succeeds in creating the most beautiful fine jewellery in the fairest way possible.

Learn about our materials

Sustainable and stunning, our preloved gold and lab-grown diamonds are sourced from our trusted partners to create pieces that are as equally beautiful for you as they are for the planet. Our materials carry none of the environmental and social costs associated with the traditional jewellery industry while still being of the highest-quality, making them a more meaningful choice

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