Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is dedicated to the beautiful traditions of Portugal. A place close to our founder’s heart, this collection draws on the open spirit and generosity that defines Portuguese culture.

The inspiration behind the Heritage Collection

There is no feeling like home, and the symbols of one’s heritage bring a sense of tranquility and ease wherever the wearer may go. By incorporating elements of her Portuguese heritage, our founder brings a beautiful sentimentality into Matilde’s fine jewellery. The generosity, honesty and warmth of Portugal is embodied by the spiraling designs of the Heritage Collection. Drawing on the special symbolism of the Coração de Viana and the iconic mosaic tiles which pattern the country, the Heritage Collection celebrates these traditions in an elegantly modern way.

Warmth - Elegance - Tradition

The Process

Working with craftsmen to shape our preloved 14k gold into iconic Portuguese shapes, Matilde makes the process sustainable in an unparalleled way. By using recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds, our fine jewellery is conflict-free and environmentally friendly. We strive to keep all of our creation processes as transparent as possible in the effort to be as inclusive as we can since, similar to being at home where friends become family, we care about our clientele as our community.

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