Matilde’s debut men’s collection is a collaboration between ancient symbolism and the innovative new. Fostering a joyous masculinity that is equally powerful as it is gentle.

The inspiration behind MATILDE Men's

Inspired by the wonderful men in our founder’s life, Matilde Men's seeks to empower all men in their quest to express themselves and their unique identity in the most sustainable way possible. Bold forms and powerful cuts allude to the strong, swift lines of nature, reminiscent of the gentle power behind natural forces. Classically created to be worn a lifetime, forged by a commitment to honor traditional masculinity while embracing the modern, Matilde’s debut men’s line is an exciting new way to share your story.

Strong - Modern - Bold

The Process

Built to be durable in the most sustainable way possible. Our fine jewellery is constructed using recycled 14k gold and lab-grown diamonds, ensuring your piece is held to the finest of sustainability standards. Through our craftsmanship and unparalleled processes, we strive to change the jewellery industry for the better, making it conflict-free and environmentally-friendly. Each piece in our men’s collection is created with intention, to reflect the values of our clients through our championing of fairness, inclusivity and transparency in all aspects.

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