One Tree Planted

For every postage box, a tree is planted. Working with One Tree Planted, with every postage box we order for you, one tree is donated and planted in our name. So every time you get an order, you’ve also contributed to that.

Our Materials

We hand-pick our materials based on their sustainability, beauty and environmental friendliness, making each of our pieces easy to love.

Fun Fact

Did you know that the process of lost wax casting, or investment casting, is still the most reliable and accurate means of reproducing intricate shapes in precious metals with the fine detail of an original pattern? The method actually dates back to the first civilisations in the Near East and to a mix of early religion, art and metallurgy!

Our Diamonds

“Ever since I started researching the jewellery industry, specifically the diamond industry, the more I realised how little I knew about the origin of the stones in any of my own jewellery. Where was it mined? How many people did it go through? How did it get from its original place to me? And I realised I didn’t know the answer to most of the questions I had. We offer you a sustainable, traceable, identical alternative to the environmentally and socially harmful traditionally mined diamonds. An alternative that is not only kinder on the planet, but conflict-free, and identical in every way.”


Lab Grown Diamonds Vs Mined Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds are visually, chemically, and physically identical to mined Diamonds. Starting life as a small diamond seed, they are placed under High-Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT), simulating the geological conditions of natural diamond creation, but a fifth of the carbon emissions of mined diamonds.

After a few weeks, a rough diamond is grown, which is then cut and polished like any other diamond, ready to find its place in a piece of fine jewellery.

Not only are Lab-Grown Diamonds 100% certified and identical to mined diamonds, they are conflict-free and significantly less harmful to the environment too.

Our Packaging

Reuse & Repurpose

We hope you can find ways to reuse and repurpose all the elements of our packaging to continuously give it new life.

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