One Tree Planted

We are proud to say that through our partnership with One Tree Planted, one tree is donated and planted in our name for every order we send out.

Driving global reforestation efforts

 One Tree Planted is a global non-profit organisation committed to restoring forests, creating habitat for biodiversity, and making a positive social impact around the world.

Since 2014, the organisation have planted over 135.5 million trees across 82 countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. Simplicity, innovation, and positive impact are at the heart of how they implement quality reforestation projects, resulting in  economic and social benefits as well as improving the health of our planet.

Our production philosophy is anchored in meticulous hand finishing, elevating our creations
beyond conventional mass production methods to achieve the pinnacle of fine jewellery quality. Constantly at the forefront of innovation, we explore cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and engage in product development ventures to meet our unique design preferences.

Award winning impact

In 2023 the HIGH ANDES POLYLEPIS FOREST supported by One Tree Planted was a proud recipient of The Earthshot Prize. Teeming with life and adapted to harsh alpine conditions, these forests are threaded tightly with the indigenous communities who have called this mountain range home for generations. As part of a multi-country, large-scale, grassroots initiative One Tree Planted planted 1,200,000 Polylepis trees to restore the high altitude native forests of South America's high Andes. Each tree will help restore wetlands, safeguard existing forest, and protect critical Amazon headwaters.

What this means

Through our partnership with them, one tree is donated and planted in our name for every order we send out. So, every time you receive your pieces from Matilde Jewellery, you’ve also contributed to that mission. Together, we are planting a forest.

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