MATILDE Essentials

Our essentials collection comprises of every fundamental fine jewellery piece a woman needs while also being sustainable, environmentally friendly and fair.

The inspiration behind MATILDE Essentials

A jewellery box is a magical place, but too often the beautiful pieces passed down through generations come from exploitative sources at odds with our client’s values. The Essentials Collection changes that. By giving women a modern and sustainable alternative to their everyday jewellery pieces, we empower our clients in transforming their jewellery collection to proudly reflect their own values of fairness, inclusivity and sustainability.

Timeless - Imaginative - Modern

The Process

Each of our timeless keepsake pieces is made with the highest-quality of sustainable materials. Lab-grown diamonds are an equally precious yet conflict-free environmentally-friendly alternative while our recycled white and yellow 14k gold saves the world from another mine. All of these are sourced through the most transparent of processes, ensuring our jewellery is as sustainable and socially-conscious as possible.

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