Tróia Collection

The Tróia collection captures the essence of idyllic summers spent along Portugal's coastline. Miles and miles of golden sand, rocks sculpted by the wind and sea, waves crashing along the beach.

The inspiration behind the Tróia Collection

Echoes of our iconic Coração de Viana can be seen in the hand-made pieces, matched with starry gemstones and a glimmer of green. The designs play into nature’s soft, organic shapes and smooth movements, made from our signature 14k recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. Golden sunsets, seashells, and long walks on the sand, spend the summer in the Tróia collection.

Idyllic - Organic - Coastal

The cult summer necklaces


Mar meaning sea and Areia meaning sand in Portuguese, these necklaces feature delicate strands of beaded gemstones and crystals that reflect their names. With the Mar necklace mimicking the mesmerising movements and colours of the ocean with shades of blue and the Area Necklace reflecting natural beauty and warmth of sandy beaches with it's various pink hues. Both featuring a 14k recycled gold pendant studded with two star-shaped lab-grown diamonds, these necklaces are the perfect piece to add a touch of unique elegance to any look.

The Process

The Tróia Collection is crafted as a tribute to the essence of blissful summers enjoyed along the coast of Portugal.

Matilde Jewellery is dedicated to employing the utmost transparent, sustainable, and ethical methods, ensuring that each of our timeless creations draws inspiration from nature while safeguarding it. By utilising premium preloved 14k gold, we actively reduce the need for additional mining, and opting for lab-grown diamonds presents an equally stunning, eco-friendly, and conflict-free alternative.

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