made from Natural Kraft Cardboard

Our postage boxes

one tree planted

For every postage box, a tree is planted. Working with One Tree Planted, with every postage box we order for you, one tree is donated and planted in our name. So every time you get an order, you’ve also contributed to that.

self-adhesive pockets

Our self-adhesive pockets (that carry all the important information that will get your order from us to you) are also recyclable and vegan.

jewellery boxes

Our jewellery boxes are made from paper that comes from recycled coffee cups, as well as our postcards, which are there to help inform you about our practices and how to care for your pieces. With our logo blind embossed, ensuring that they can go on to be recycled once more.

dust pouches

Our dust pouches are Fairtrade and made from premium, organic pre-washed canvas. Meaning they were produced in accordance to rigorous economic, environmental, and social standards.

finishing touches

tissue paper, stickers + wrap

- FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified: Meaning it is sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably.

- Acid Free Paper: Made from cellulose fiber, meaning the active pulp is eliminated during processing. It also means that when decomposing, the tissue and the stickers won’t leave behind any chemicals (lignin and sulfur).

- Soy-based ink: An eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based inks, made from soybeans, a renewable resource. These are slower to dry than other inks, but they don’t leave behind any petroleum based products when decomposing. And lastly, soy inks have low levels of VOCs, reducing air pollution during the drying process.

extra security

water-activated tape

If we feel like any orders need some extra securing, we use our tape that is not only 100% recycled FSC and made from Soy-based inks, but it. Is also water-activated. Meaning that unlike “normal” tape made from gloss and wax which don’t break down in composting conditions and are not biodegradable, our water-activated tape is the ideal sustainable packaging alternative.

reuse & repurpose

We hope you can find ways to reuse and repurpose all the elements of our packaging to continuously give it new life.