Our Diamonds

Ever since I started researching the jewellery industry, specifically the diamond industry, the more I realised how little I knew about the origin of the stones in any of my own jewellery. Where was it mined? How many people did it go through? How did it get from its original place to me? And I realised I didn't know the answer to most of the questions I had. We offer you a sustainable, traceable, identical alternative to the environmentally and socially harmful traditionally mined diamonds. An alternative that is not only kinder on the planet, but conflict-free, and identical in every way.

Matilde, Founder

The most beautiful things are formed under pressure.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are visually, chemically, and physically identical to mined Diamonds. Starting life as a small diamond seed, they are placed under High-Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT), simulating the geological conditions of natural diamond creation, but a fifth of the carbon emissions of mined diamonds.

After a few weeks, a rough diamond is grown, which is then cut and polished like any other diamond, ready to find its place in a piece of fine jewellery.

Not only are Lab-Grown Diamonds 100% certified and identical to mined diamonds, they are conflict-free and significantly less harmful to the environment too.


The 4 'Cs' is the ubiqituous, internationally recognised way of evaluating the quality of a diamond.
Here's a breakdown of what they are and what they mean:


This refers to the dimensions, faces, symmetry and reflective properties of the stone.

Although they differ in size, all of our diamonds are Round Brilliant Cut. With 57 perfectly aligned facets, this cut allows for optimal scintillation and sparkle as the light travels through the stone.


From D-Z, the higher the grade (D), the more colourless the diamond is.

All the diamonds we use are colourless, and scaled between D - F. These are the highest grade available.


The unit to measure the weight of the diamond. Our diamonds vary in size and weight depending on the style and design of the piece.


Depending on the different inclusions that are visible within the stone, this grading runs from F-I. All of our diamonds are VS Clarity with very slight inclusions, because there's beauty in imperfection.