Kaleido Collection

Consciously created using sustainable, Earth-friendly materials, the Kaleido Collection is Matilde Jewellery’s debut drop of lab-grown precious gemstone designs.

The inspiration behind the Kaleido Collection

The collection is inspired by the limitless beauty of kaleidoscopes and how they magically create infinite, stunning patterns when you shake the pieces to change their form. The kaleidoscope will keep giving us something new and beautiful, just so long as we take the time to keep innovating and looking for the light inside. The Kaleido collection features lab-grown gems that symbolise love, positivity and hope - all values that are a part of everything that Matilde Jewellery stands for.

Vibrant - Femme - Bold

The Process

Lab-grown gemstones are chemically and optically identical to mined precious stones, but carry none of the destructive and unsustainable impacts of these traditional counterparts. Featuring emeralds, coloured sapphires, rubies, and alexandrite stones, the Kaleido Collection is a rainbow-hued representation of love, hope, faith, and luck with each piece crafted from 14k recycled yellow gold.

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