Consciously created using sustainable, Earth-friendly materials, the Kaleido Collection is Matilde Jewellery’s debut drop of lab-grown precious gemstone designs.

Lab-grown gemstones are chemically and optically identical to mined precious stones, but carry none of the destructive and unsustainable impacts of these traditional counterparts. Featuring emeralds, coloured sapphires, rubies, and alexandrite stones, the Kaleido Collection is a rainbow-hued representation of love, hope, faith, and luck with each piece crafted from 14k recycled yellow gold.

Perfect for summer styling, the diverse collection includes a bracelet, two necklaces, a versatile charm and ear cuff and a ring, and also includes Matilde Jewellery’s first-ever turquoise enamelwork detailing.

The collection is inspired by the limitless beauty of kaleidoscopes and how they magically create infinite, stunning patterns when you shake the pieces to change their form. The kaleidoscope will keep giving us something new and beautiful, just so long as we take the time to keep innovating and looking for the light inside.

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I am delighted to release our first-ever coloured designs in the Kaleido Collection, featuring lab-grown precious gemstones alongside our signature lab-grown diamonds.

Just like diamond mining, precious stone mining is destructive to the Earth and the environment, and being able to offer a sustainable and eco-conscious design alternative to more people who love to buy and wear different jewellery is something I’m really proud of. It is named after the Kaleidoscope, which represents finding beauty in new ways of seeing things. I have chosen lab-grown gems that symbolise love, positivity and hope - all values that are a part of everything that Matilde Jewellery stands for. I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed designing it.

– Matilde, Founder

azul ring

Perfect for stacking or to wear as a solo, this innovative design gives two looks in one ring. One side is a classic combination of recycled 14k yellow gold set with a striking lab-grown emerald. Twist the ring round and reveal another lab-grown emerald surrounded by turquoise enamel work and bordered in 14k recycled yellow gold. The Azul ring pays homage to the ancient art of enamel work, while the lab-grown emeralds signify truth and love.

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arco cuff

A small slice of the rainbow, the Arco cuff features eight lab-grown precious gemstones. Bringing a pop of jewelled gems to your ear stack, this sustainable ear decoration is crafted from 14k, recycled yellow gold and represents enduring love, inclusivity, and features lab-grown blue, yellow, orange, and pink sapphires, an emerald, and a ruby.

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Rainbow necklace

Bursting with drops of conscious colour, the Rainbow necklace is the epitome of understated elegance and the ultimate statement of your sustainable style principles.

Featuring 10 lab-grown stones of all the colours of the rainbow, the Earth-friendly stones (lab-grown rubies, orange, yellow, blue, and pink sapphires, emerald, and alexandrite) represent inclusivity, deep enduring love, power and luck.

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gota charm

However you want to style it, the Gota charm adds a drop of the rainbow's magic to your jewellery collection. A teardrop-shaped, blue enamel centre is framed by 12 lab-grown gemstones, including yellow, orange, pink and blue sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Crafted from 14k recycled yellow gold, it can be styled from a chain as a pendant or attached to an earring or huggie to add colour and charm to your ear stack.

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t-bar necklace

Representing hope, luck, and love, this unique pendant and delicate chain necklace features a selection of beautiful, lab-grown precious gemstones. Earth-friendly, lab-grown, emeralds, blue sapphires, and alexandrite are all set into an infinite, softly curving pendant shape. Finished with Matilde Jewellery's signature T-bar design, which features two lab-grown diamonds on the bar, this unique colourful design is carried on a 14k recycled yellow gold contemporary chain.

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t-bar bracelet

The perfect mix of masculine and feminine detailing, the T-bar bracelet represents hope, luck, and love. Its central charm feature is set with lab-grown emeralds, blue sapphires, and alexandrite and connects to a dual adjustable bracelet of organic black hemp and recycled 14k yellow gold. This unique colourful design is finished with Matilde's signature 'T' detail - an elegant circle with a bar fastening, set with two, eco-conscious, lab-grown diamonds.

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