Heritage Collection

Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection showcases Portuguese traditions in a contemporary way. From the iconic tiles that cover countless buildings throughout the country, to the Coração de Viana: symbol of honesty and generosity, this range has a special meaning for our founder.


Taking inspiration from traditional techniques, as well as the rich history of Portugal, The Heritage Collection showcases these inspirations with modern elegance.

I am very proud of my Portuguese heritage, and I always knew that I wanted to honour that somehow through the brand’s aesthetic. In the most obvious way, the Heritage Collection is a tribute to that Portuguese heritage. The whole collection is very much inspired by traditional Portuguese art forms. From the mosaic tiles that are covering the streets of Portugal, to the Coração de Viana – a symbol of honesty and generosity that has been a part of Portuguese traditional jewellery techniques. I really wanted to showcase these inspirations in a modern, elegant, yet timeless way.

Matilde, Founder

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